Pu Erh Yunnan Red Tea

Pu Erh Yunnan Red Tea

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Ancestrally, red tea was used in Chinese medicine to help the body eliminate toxins and excesses.

This drink was known as the “tea of emperors”.


Currently, the properties of red tea continue to help our bodies get rid of toxins naturally, avoiding the retention of liquids or acting as a diuretic drink.

In addition, the earthy flavour of red tea and its robust body with stimulating effect make for a perfect alternative to coffee.

Containing theine, red tea is one of the preferred drinks to substitute the caffeine in coffee with a similarly stimulating substance but with a healthier and more natural drink.

One of the easiest ways to manage to introduce red tea as a substitute for coffee is to prepare red tea with milk.

This is because it is much more similar on the palate and also because it can combine the benefits of red tea with those of milk in a single drink.

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