Unlike most teas, pu-erh red tea is not drunk fresh, it requires a fermentation process that can last from 2 to 60 years in bamboo barrels, hence the copper color of its leaves.

A little history of pu-erh red tea
Its name comes from the Pu'er region of Yunnan in China. It is collected from the Tang dynasty (618-907) but it will not be until the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) that it begins to commercialize and obtain economic benefits with its collection.

For years it was a tea consumed only by the nobility and was especially valued by the Emperors because it helps the body to stay in excellent condition.

Benefits of pu-erh red tea
Due to its fermentation process, is a tea low in caffeine, which is why it has become very popular, in addition to the properties attributed to it to remove fat.

Indeed, one of the reasons why red tea is so in demand is because it helps to eliminate unwanted fat, helping to lose weight. The fat that the body fails to excrete accumulates in certain areas of our body. The consumption of red tea, facilitates digestion and helps the body to get rid of all unnecessary fat through faeces, sweat and urine, thus losing weight quickly. Red pu-erh tea is popularly known as "fat burning".

On the other hand, pu-erh red tea is a natural diuretic that allows the elimination of liquid, fats and toxic substances through the urine in a progressive way, so that the energy levels of our body remain stable. Pu-erh red tea has the particularity that helps the immune system to regulate itself by increasing defences.

These are some of the properties attributed to pu-erh red tea

Reduces blood sugar levels
Reduces fat levels
Stimulates hepatic metabolism
Detoxifies and purifies the blood
Strengthens the immune system
Reduces weight
Prevents the formation of tumors and cancer cells
Combats sclerosis
Reduces heart failure
Prevents respiratory diseases
Stimulates digestion of rich foods
Prevents and lowers LDL cholesterol
Stimulates secretion from the digestive glands
Prevents infections

How to prepare pu erh red tea
To maintain the taste, aroma and properties of pu-erh red tea should be kept in mind that it needs a very concrete form of preparation.

The estimated infusion time is 4 minutes. The more space the strands have during infusion, the better it retains its properties.
Water at 100º, i.e. at boiling point.

Since it is a tea with little theine, it can be taken several times a day. In fact, we can take it about 4 times a day, if we want to take full advantage of its slimming properties.
Pu-erh red tea does not lose its properties when cold. We can let it cool down once the tea has been prepared and serve it cold during the hot months.

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