Sea Salt 5 Peppers
Sea Salt 5 Peppers
Sea Salt 5 Peppers
Sea Salt 5 Peppers

Sea Salt 5 Peppers

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The BenBO Sea Salt is collected from the purest and most crystalline waters of the Mediterranean and is the most exquisite of the salts. It is a crunchy salt with a fine texture. The 5 Pepper Sea Salt is the result of the mixture of a fabulous Mediterranean Sea Salt together with the best selection of natural peppers.

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The sea salt is harvested in an artisan way that allows it not to lose any of its properties. It is rich in zinc, magnesium and calcium. The 5 Pepper Sea Salt has a crunchy texture and the characteristic peppery taste being the result of the selection of the best natural peppers of the 5 varieties: pink, white, black, green and Jamaican pepper.

Uses of 5 Pepper Sea Salt

5 Pimientas Sea Salt is the perfect combination with any dish to which we want to add a touch of pepper.


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