Black peppercorns
Black peppercorns
Black peppercorns
Black peppercorns

Black peppercorns

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Black pepper is one of the most common spices in the kitchen, it is also one of the spices with more gastronomic and medicinal properties. It is essential in countless stews and dishes, meats, fish, vegetables and salads. To preserve its properties to the maximum, it is advisable to grind the grain just before use and add it when we are about to remove the stew from the fire.

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Black pepper is one of the most common spices and perhaps one of the most unknown in terms of its many medicinal and gastronomic properties.

Characteristics of black pepper

Black pepper is a spice with great digestive properties, as it increases acid secretions from the stomach and helps digestion. It is recommended for people with lack of appetite and for those with slow digestions. It is very good in slimming diets as it has a strong thermogenic effect on the body, ie increases the caloric expenditure of metabolism. It is antioxidant and facilitates the absorption of nutrients.

Uses of black pepper

The black pepper is used in infinity of stews, its use is very common in the kitchen. It is better to use peppercorns and grind them when you spend them because that way you can take full advantage of their properties. It is also advisable to add it to the stews just before removing them to preserve both their properties and flavor.

We use black pepper in all types of stews and dishes: soups, meats, grilled or baked fish and salads.


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