Gin & Tonic Passion
Gin & Tonic Passion
Gin & Tonic Passion
Gin & Tonic Passion

Gin & Tonic Passion

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In the Gin&Tonic Passion Pack you will find the necessary botanicals for the realization of the best and most sophisticated Gin&Tonics. In this pack you will find Pink Pepper, Cardamom, Cassia Cinnamon, Juniper Berries and Strawberries together with a special spoon for the preparation of the cocktail and all the information you need to make it.


With the Gin&Tonic Passion Pack you will learn the steps for making this cocktail together with the botanists necessary to provide and enhance the flavors that best suit your gin and tonic.

With the selection of botanicals in this pack you will obtain "The perfect Gin&Tonic in 5 steps" as you will obtain an infinite number of combinations adding different touches to your cocktails to suit the tastes of each guest.

The Gin&Tonic Pack Passion includes:

- Premium selection of botanicals: 35g. of pink pepper, 35g. of cardamom, 25g. of Cassia Cinnamon, 30g. of juniper berries and 50g. of dehydrated strawberries.

- A spoon for the preparation of Gin&Tonics

- Explanation of each botanical with the uses you can give it, giving information of what flavor enhances or contributes.

- Information for the realization of Gin&Tonics, become a true bartender!


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