These are the evolution of those sweet onion banderillas that Bette Davis tasted in the film 'Naked Eve' (1950). Yes, a dry and powerful cocktail made from gin, martini and a sweet onion. After a brief drink in her Gibson glass, the diva predicted a memorable night: "Fasten your belts. It's going to be a busy night," she said.

It sure is, isn't it? Definitely we are going to give movement to the night (or whatever we want) with these lollipops with which to decorate not only your combinations, but also feast the palates with its curious mixture. Your sweet cocktails are screaming for lollipops. So let's give it to them.

Actually, our lollipops are a twist on cocktail botanists. That, for the uninitiated, we must explain that they consist of a range of spices used in the field of cocktails with which it is intended to create new flavors and sensations. Imagination overflows because it allows us to try infinite possibilities adapted to all tastes. Even the most picky and reluctant to the new fall in love with this display of flavours.

Choosing will be the hardest thing

The Hollywood diva would have liked to park her lollipop substitute and try our assortment of flavors and shapes: The lollipops of Bótanicos benBO.
All of them have come into the world to amaze, amuse and enrapture the palate and, of course, without adding a gram of sugar. Therefore, they are suitable for diabetics.

They'll add colour and flavour, and you can also choose the shape you want: rounded or heart-shaped. If you like Gintonics, perfect because in our shop you can buy a special lollipop for this kind of cocktails that provide a subtle spicy flavor thanks to cardamom and pink pepper. Also joining this team of ten are rose petals that provide an aromatic touch.

The cinnamon has also been conceived for this cocktail, and will delight us with a citrus flavor combined with the aphrodisiac cassia cinnamon and mauve. You also have hibiscus flower or cubalibre, with aged rum and coffee and vanilla flavour. And suspensive points, because our menu of lollipops for cocktails continues.

The difficult thing will be to decide, but do not worry, we will prepare you an assortment of 25 lollipops of cocktails. It will be up to you to decide at home which one you like the most from this rich cast.
Although, of course, if yours is the decision, great. In our shop you can go straight to the point, stop flirting and buy the type of botanical lollipop you want.

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