Thanks to these unique olive oils you will get a rich, eye-catching and unexpected touch in your summer salads and even in those homemade gazpachos with which you are so busy in the mixer. Keep in mind that these oils are ideal for savouring raw and will provide a surprising note that will undoubtedly leave your guests quite intrigued with this unique ingredient.

In any case, let's go by parts, because surely you'll want to know about our olive oils with orange, lemon or rosemary, but first we must explain to you what grinding consists of. Thus, this word means that when the organic olive is pressed, organic orange, organic lemon or organic rosemary are also added. The latter will depend on the oil in question that we are producing. With this we obtain a natural product, free of artificial aromas, that responds faithfully to the philosophy of ben-BO.
Salads to tutiplén

One of the virtues of olive oil is that it allows us to absorb much better the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. In this sense, we can bring up a study carried out at the universities of Purdue and Ohio (USA) which states that the monounsaturated fat content of olive oil helps us take advantage of vitamins. Did you know that? Therefore, it is not superfluous that mania we have in Mediterranean villages for adding olive oil to all our salads and recipes more varied.

Without a doubt, summer is the most propitious time to enjoy the freshness of these dishes. In addition, if we dress olive oil with orange, lemon or rosemary we will enjoy an incomparable bite.

But that's not all. In fact, this is what will happen if you let olive oil brighten up your salads:

More satiety. So, we'll enjoy a light salad and we won't be left with the dreaded feeling of hunger. Don't forget that thanks to the oil, vegetables increase their power to satiate the organism. Therefore, keep it very present in your salads.
It provides us with essential fatty acids.
And, of course, any dish with olive oil is a winner.

In short, now that we are in the anteroom of summer and only a handful of days separate us from the heat, we should make a hole in the wonderful salads and gazpachos that, with our secret weapon, will be revealed as the most appetizing snacks of the summer period.

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