In fact, for years we have been witnessing a continuous racking of studies that only confirm the same result: organic food (including organic spices and organic infusions) have more antioxidant and vitamin benefits, as well as a lower volume of heavy metals and pesticides. In short, they are not only good for the environment, but also for our health. But let's go for parts, because we want to analyze those studies that put the goodness of ecology in the clouds.

Why are organic products so good?

In 2011, the advantages of organic products were highlighted by scientific research published in the journal 'JAMA Internal Medicine'. The conclusion was devastating: people who consume organic food are 25% less likely to develop certain types of cancer than those who eat food from traditional agriculture and livestock.

A couple of years later, in 2014, a meta-study reviewed hundreds of studies to date. In particular, an international team of experts from the University of Newcastle (UK) reviewed a total of 343 studies and published a meta-study summarising their research findings. The result was quite overwhelming as organically grown products have 69% more antioxidants than those produced conventionally. The study also ensures that these foods have fewer heavy metals which, as we know, can be very harmful to health.

Eternal discussion between its defenders and detractors

However, the tug-of-war between the firm defenders of the ecological and those who argue that they only serve to make the shopping basket more expensive is incessant. The truth is that the battery of studies launched by the two sides is a relentless struggle. However, it seems that organic products are winning this war, as consumers increasingly tend to fill their pantry with sustainable products that do not affect the environment, animals and, of course, their health. A delicate balance that puts intensive agriculture in check.

The latest study, dating from 2019, seems to be shifting the balance towards ecology. It has the signature of an institution as independent and prestigious as the Universitat Politècnica de València. Specifically, the document has focused on the pepper. After two years of research, the data show that organically grown peppers contain more vitamin C, as well as higher levels of phenolic compounds, than conventionally grown peppers.

Although the above study is limited to the study of peppers, it is obvious that its results can be extrapolated to other fruits, vegetables and all products of organic production, such as our infusions and organic spices.

Indeed, at ben-BO Gourmet we are standard-bearers of the natural. We know that health is also eaten and tasted in every bite. the commitment to organic spices and infusions is our particular contribution to a healthier planet, because taking care of it means taking care of ourselves.

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