So we've been drinking fresh tea for over a century. If you can't conceive the summer season without these healthy and tasty ways to hydrate yourself in the heat of the canyon, we've prepared an article for you to equip yourself with the best.

Of course, then we'll tell you a few tricks to make your infusion tropical and refreshing more than a dip on the beach. If you allow us, we will start the master class because our ecological teas are a little impatient and ask us for passage.

Green tea Chai Matcha, make way for the king

One of the ones that has been on the crest of the wave for a few years (and there's no way to get it down from there) is the green tea Chai Matcha. The word 'matcha' means 'tea powder' and is therefore made from ground green tea leaves. It reduces cholesterol, is detoxifying and reduces stress. Those are some of the compliments they say out there about this tea. But we have put our green tea Chai Matcha in good company, because it does not come alone. In Ben BO you will find it combined with sencha green tea, cinnamon chips, ginger, aniseed, fennel, turmeric, ground and whole cardamom, in addition to the aromatic clove. Ingredients, by the way, which come from organic farming.

A herd of rich infused fruits

The summer treats us with an infinity of fruits that hydrate us and help us to resist the heat envites. And the drinks also have this fruity aftertaste. In Ben BO we have an assortment of fruit teas capable of knocking out the heat at the first sip. They are many, so we have to get selected and the truth is that it costs a little with such a good repertoire. But here we go.
One of them is black tea with pineapple and lime BIO (black tea Assam, apple, citronella, ginger, pieces of mango or lime, among other ingredients of incredible flavor). Don't miss the infusion of organic forest fruits with a sublime natural charm. How did you build this flavor? Well, it's based on bits of apple, blackberry, hibiscus leaves, strawberry, orange peel or elderberry.

The Caribbean is also on the payroll. So if this summer the trip to those latitudes doesn't fall either, nothing happens. We've captured the Caribbean charm in our organic Caribbean fruit infusion. The flavor of apple, rose hip, orange peel, Bourbon vanilla, pineapple or marigold parade through this spectacular infusion.

Tips for preparing a refreshing summer infusion

You may be well versed in how to prepare a traditional infusion, but what about cold? Here are our suggestions for that refreshing organic tea:

The tea must be specially concentrated (more than for a hot one) since later we will add some ice to it and nobody wants a watery tea!

Keep the tea in a pitcher in the fridge for at least 12 hours to macerate.
When it's time to sweeten, the imagination comes on stage as we can add honey, stevia, sugar or panela. Whatever you like.
And how long does it last in the fridge? Very little because it will be so delicious that it will fly. In any case, you should consume it in a maximum of 24 hours.

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