However, the palates are more and more demanding and with time we become a bit gourmets and start to chop a little higher. We value the convenience of finding all the spices necessary to make a paella, but without sacrificing the personal touch "author" that gives us use the natural spices and dedicate a few more minutes to our nutrition and good food.

If you feel identified with the latter, surely you are interested in raising the stakes and trying a special preparation of spices for very natural paella, with absolutely everything you need to make a paella of meat or vegetables. We are talking about the set for paella ben-BO Essència Mediterrània. Yes, our 100% natural spice paella pan with saffron in strand.

Why are our paella spices different?

Because you won't have to read any label to know what it really contains, because the raw material is obvious: strands of saffron, thyme, cloves and black pepper. Natural and whole product that brings all the flavor and all its properties to your paella.

With this selection you will definitely start with the concept that Ferran Adrià invented back in 2004: Fast Good. In other words, eat quickly, but with quality. Let haste not detract from the flavour or nobility of what you cook. And that's exactly what you'll get with our paella maker. In this way, no spice will remain in your inkwell (how many times have you lost track and have not added, for example, the indispensable nail that you end up missing in each bite). You will always have everything ready when you want to eat a paella. You are responsible for rice, vegetables or meat. We'll take care of the rest.

How to cook paellas with our 100% natural paella pan?

Of course, in our paella pan we provide you with all the guidelines and precise quantities so that you can sign a tasty Valencian paella. Thus, for a paella for four diners, we only need to chop in a mortar (how wonderful to use this kitchen utensil so ours), five strands of saffron, three cloves, three grains of black pepper with a pinch of salt. When the broth comes to the boil, add the mixture. After a few minutes, add the rice and sprinkle with a pinch of thyme to flavour the matter.

However, if you want a trick, we recommend you toast the saffron previously in the microwave for about fifteen seconds. This way, the strands will be brittle. Once this is done, place them in your prodigious mortar and mash them. You may need to add a little broth to dissolve them better. In this way you will get a nice yellow color evenly distributed throughout the paella. Being aware of this culinary trick will help you a lot, because not everyone knows it and complain that the saffron can not color the whole paella yellow.
In this post you can learn step by step, how to get more flavor and color to the precious saffron.
Having said all this, the only thing left to do is to wait until it's time to eat so that the spicy paella starts to boil in the most natural way in the world, that of a lifetime.

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