1. It is 100% natural salt. Unlike table salt, salt flakes are not treated by man. This salt is formed directly in the sea, when the water of the Mediterranean coasts begins to evaporate, hence its particular form.

2. Low in Sodium. The salt scale is low in sodium so it reduces the health risks of high salt intake. That is why many people prefer it to season and salt their food.

3. Decorative shape. The particular shape of the salt scales gives it an exoticism that makes it very attractive. The prisms or the salt pyramids give a touch of sophistication to the dishes, which the author's kitchen knows how to promote by using it to decorate creams as well as desserts and ice creams.

4. Savour the crunchy Salt. Being less salty than ordinary salt, salt flakes allow us to use more salt than we would normally use. Likewise, we can maintain its natural shape and enjoy a crunchy salt in the mouth.

5. Gourmet Salt. For all these reasons, for its natural elaboration, for its exotic shape, for its mild flavour and its crunchy salt, the salt scale has become one of the essential ones in the pantry of every gourmet. It can also be found on the market flavoured with delicatessen products such as boletus salt flakes or wine salt flakes.

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