Natural Salt Flakes

Natural Salt Flakes

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BenBO Flake Salt comes from the purest waters of the Mediterranean and is a gourmet salt with crunchy texture and mild flavour. This Flake Salt is great for everyday use and can be an ideal substitute for table salt. Due to its flaky presentation allows you to use less quantity enhancing the flavor of our dishes.

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Characteristics of Natural Salt Flakes

Flake Salt comes from the Mediterranean and is a magnificent alternative to the commonly used Salt or "Table Salt", which is much healthier due to its harvesting process using exclusive methods and the fact that it does not contain any additives such as iodine. It is extracted from the purest waters of the Mediterranean.

It is a Gourmet Salt that has a crunchy texture and a slightly softer taste than the common Salt.

Uses of Natural Salt Flake

The Salt Scale allows to use less amount of Salt enhancing more the flavors of the dish to taste. It is great for meat, fish and salads.


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