Provencal Herbs Salt Foam

Provencal Herbs Salt Foam

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It is the result of the mixture of Salt Foam from the Mediterranean with a natural selection of Provencal herbs. Its texture is very fine as it is extracted from the foam of the sea in a careful harvesting process. The Foam of Salt to the Provencal herbs contributes a fantastic Mediterranean touch that transports us, with its aroma and flavor, to the greenest meadows of the Mediterranean basin.

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Salt Foam is the result of an artisan process carried out with great care. The salt is extracted from the foam of the sea, so the crystals are very fine. It contains a large amount of minerals and due to its careful collection does not suffer any alteration so it is 100% natural. The Foam of Salt to the Provencal herbs is the mixture of this exquisite foam with the highest quality Provencal herbs.

Its texture and flavor are amazing. It is extremely pure and its flavor is light.

Uses of Salt Foam to Provencal Herbs

It is ideal to obtain a uniform result in meats, fish, vegetables and toasts, providing an aroma and taste of the pure Mediterranean in the mouth, its culinary culture and its good work.


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