Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil...
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil...

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml/250ml

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Organic extra virgin olive oil harvest in green.


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Elaborated with olives of early harvest that contribute a fruity aroma and flavor to him. Delicious to eat raw, as well as to dress salads and cook tasty dishes.

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Happy Foods - We are what we eat

In benBO we have very clear what is the Philosophy that moves us

Take care of you, take care of your world

That's why we select our products looking for a gourmet quality, with the guarantee of being 100% Natural.

All benBO products are inspired by the Mediterranean Diet, highlighting, on the one hand, their culinary properties (taste, aroma, textures ...) and on the other, their health benefits.

Herbs, spices and salts have natural components that have a very beneficial influence on your body. We want to put in value the healthy natural properties of the products that give us the land and the sea.

We work in a handmade way, using recycled and recyclable materials. Our containers are 100% reusable, because our commitment to the environment is firm.

We claim the Mediterranean lifestyle, where the time to be, the time to live is the most important. We want you to enjoy 100% the experience of living the Mediterranean by savouring our products in magical moments


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